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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find photographs and posts on how I go through my daily life with consciousness and awareness of waste among the top of my priorities. I am not 100% zero waste, but I am working on sending as little material as possible to landfills. Zero waste does not happen over night, so I will be phasing out wasteful practices one-by-one by identifying the waste-producing issue and proposing zero or minimal waste solutions. I live in the fifth most populous city in the United States, which means we produce an incredible amount of waste. On this site, I will reference businesses and programs in this city that are integral in making Philadelphia a more sustainable city. Awareness and change of my own personal consumption is a good starting point, but ultimately I plan to change the way humanity produces and disposes of waste on a local, national, and international scale.  Follow me on my journey to waste less and ultimately to become a fierce voice in environmenta…

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